"Customer Testimonials..."

What some of our student's had to say...

" I was really impressed with the way he taught the class in a serious vein, but invoking humor and allowing us to do the same.  Of course it is a serious subject and it is a little unnerving to think that any of us could be the subject of an attack, but he kept it upbeat, taught us a lot in a minimal amount of time. I thought he was terrific."

"I really enjoyed him and what he taught us.  I hope that more organizations of young girls/women take advantage of his services".

"During the conference Officer Ed Leadbetter presented a class on self defense for the conference attendees.  The Officers presentation was well prepared and enthusiastically received by the conference participants.  As a matter of fact, their presentation was one of the highlights of the conference."

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the fabulous seminar you gave.  You were very professional and organized and we all truly appreciated the safety information.  There is a lot to go over and we had such a short time to do it.  We are looking forward to booking another hands-on opportunity to learn more."

" I want to acknowledge your considerable contributions to our annual training for police officers.  I recognize that it was no easy task to coordinate and adequately prepare for these sessions, as well as review and respond to the evaluations."

"Prior to this class I honestly would not have known what to do if I was attacked. I now feel I have a plan. The one main thought I keep in mind is "Don't be a victim".