"Instructor, Ed Leadbetter..."

Ed Leadbetter

A 26 Year Police Officer...

Our instructor is Ed Leadbetter. Ed retired from the Portland Police Department in October of 2007, after 26 years. He spent his entire career working on the street as a patrolman.

Along with those responsibilities, he also spent over 20 years as a member of the Special Reaction Team (SRT), which responds to all high risk weapon related incidents.

For more then 15 years Ed was also a certified defensive tactics instructor where he taught various elements of self defense at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, and the Portland Police Department.

During this time, Ed also taught other groups such as Ingraham Volunteers, Crisis Workers, State Probation & Parole Officers, as well as Real Estate Agents.

In September of 2003 Ed started Women's Self Defense of Portland.

In addition to teaching, Ed is currently employed by a federal security contractor based out of Virginia.

Vast background in Martial arts

Ed has studied martial arts for most of his life. He has had extensive training in Muay Thai. ( A fighting art which includes the use of head butts, knees, and elbows ), and studied Brazilian Jujitsu, and Philippine stick and knife fighting. 

Ed has earned his 1st & 2nd degree Black Belt in Go Dai Ryu. Which is a combination of, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Jeet Kune Do.


During his 26 Year Career as a police officer, as well as 3 and a half years as a corrections officer, Ed has been involved in countless physical encounters that took place in Jail cells, barrooms, apartments, hallways, and alleyways, just to name a few.

These experiences all made for a great learning environment for assorted fighting arts.