"Personal safety training for everyone..."

What we offer...

Our classes are for all age groups, and are designed to accommodate the individual students overall abilities and limitations. So no matter your age or ability we will gear the techniques to you. 

The goal of the classes are to teach students highly effective, and practical self defense techniques that work in a real world environment.

We offer a variety of specialized classes in the great Portland Maine area, so please contact us with any questions.

These custom designed and affordable lessons offer;

>    Practical hand and elbow techniques
>    Realistic Escape techniques for chokes and grabs
>    Use of pepper spray
>    Highly effective strikes
>    Vulnerable body target areas
>    Escapes from chokes and grabs
>    Correct fight stance
>    Proper mindset and street awareness

Availability and scheduling...

Classes are by appointment only. A reasonable fee will be added for travel outside of the southern Maine area to compensate for travel expenses.

We will teach you in the privacy of your home, your office, or at our private in home studio.

    If you would like additional information on any of our classes, scheduling, and fees,
    or wish to purchase a gift certificate. Please call or email us.