"Personal Safety Training for Surviving an Attack"

Specializing in self defense workshop's

Class in Southern Maine

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the self defense workshop.

The workshop is essentially a 2 to 2 1/2 hour self defense session covering the primary steps and techniques needed to survive and escape from a sudden street level assault. The workshop teaches the student:
>     highly effective strikes
>     vulnerable body target areas
>     escapes from chokes and grabs
>     correct fight stance
>     proper mindset and street awareness

The workshop is designed for those individuals who don't have the time or the desire to take ongoing martial arts classes but still want to learn the highly effective techniques needed to defeat a street level attack.  The workshop is also beneficial for those who plan on pursuing martial arts training and would like a jump start on that training.
The workshop is taught in a fun and safe manner. The techniques that you will learn are user friendly and workable as soon as you leave the workshop. One hour follow up classes are available for students who are interested in further fine tuning their techniques.

The workshop is by appointment only, at the time and location requested by the student.  We have both family and business oriented workshops, with an average class size of 2 up to 12 students.  A training space can be made available at the Weaponcraft facility in Portland for those who do not have a space available to them.
Thanks again for your inquiry.   Let me know if you have any further questions.  I can also be reached on my cell phone at 207-671-3483.
Best Regards.
Ed Leadbetter

Classes where you live and work

One of the unique aspects of the class is that they are normally taught at the students home or workplace, which is very often where an attack may occur. This allows the student to train in the same environment where they may have to fight off an attack.

This also makes it convenient for the student, as the instructor travels to them, reducing their overall time commitment.

Education and prevention....

Along with the physical techniques, students are also shown methods of attack avoidance, mental conditioning, and pre attack preparation.

Remember.... "Education is the best defense".

Prior to this class I honestly would not have known what to do if I was attacked. I now feel I have a plan. The one main thought I keep in mind is "Don't be a victim".



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